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We offer exclusive design service only but we also help you during the execution process and accompany you at various stages till the site is finalized. You may want to choose your material vendors and labors from your own reference or from our list of preferred vendors and contractors. We also help you in selection process.

It’s a simple 9 step process. o Step 1: contact us o Step 2: meet your designer o Step 3: Get to know your fees o Step 4: Fill the registration form o Step 5: System Onboarding completed o Step 6: Advance fees invoice generated o Step 7: Advance fees paid o Step 8: Project folder created o Step 9: Project Kicked off.
No!! We don’t use any templatized designs nor copy any designs. All designs are custom made and designed according to your likes-dislikes, references, suggestions etc. If you would like see our design portfolio, we request you to go through our YouTube channel or websit, Facebook profile to check our designs, concepts, and working style. Din Squares is completing many years practice in this industry and we have a record of 100% client satisfaction.
Din Squares is responsible for all the designs performed in accordance with your requirement and explaining the approved designs to all the respective contractors and clarifying any queries. Din Squares has no liability for any part of the work which the liability rests with vendor or contractor or arising from any act by them not being accordance to the KAM’s design and drawings.Every working/detailed drawing shall be studied and understood by the CLIENT and contractor and clarifications shall be sought from KAM’s executive prior to the execution of the work. Din Squares shall not be liable for any modifications that client may wish to carry out after the execution ofthe said work or for mistakes arising due to improper understanding of the design and drawings.The CLIENT/contractor shall bring toDin Squares notice, any discrepancies found in the drawings prior to execution of the work.
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